How to push jobs to the queue in Laravel (Cheat sheet)

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Here is the cheat sheet on the ways you can push jobs to queue in your Laravel application:

// Push a job to the queue
Queue::push(new FulfilOrder($order));

dispatch(new FulfilOrder($order));

(new FulfilOrder($order))->dispatch;

// Push the job after a given number of seconds
Queue::later(15, new FulfilOrder($order));

dispatch(new FulfilOrder($order))->delay(15);

(new FulfilOrder($order))->dispatch()->delay(15);

// Push on specific queue
Queue::pushOn('orders', new FulfilOrder($order));

dispatch(new FulfilOrder($order))->onQueue('orders');

(new FulfilOrder($order))->dispatch()->onQueue('orders');


// Dispatch conditionally
FulfilOrder::dispatchIf($order->isPaid(), $order);

FulfilOrder::dispatchUnless($order->isCanceled(), $order);

// Push on specific queue with time delay
Queue::laterOn('orders', 15, new FulfilOrder($order));

// Push multiple jobs
  new FulfilOrder($order),
  new ThankYouEmail($order)

// Push multiple to specific queue
  new FulfilOrder($order),
  new ThankYouEmail($order)
], null, 'orders');

If you are configuring Laravel Queues with AWS SQS, and you want to queue a job later than 15 minutes in the future, you may want to use the Laravel Haystack package.

You can also use the Bus::chain method

use App\Jobs\OptimizePodcast;
use App\Jobs\ProcessPodcast;
use App\Jobs\ReleasePodcast;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Bus;
    new ProcessPodcast,
    new OptimizePodcast,
    new ReleasePodcast,

with chain closures:

    new ProcessPodcast,
    new OptimizePodcast,
    function () {
        Podcast::update(/* ... */);

Via @cosmeescobedo.

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