Top 10 Github packages for your Laravel app in 2022

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Laravel extensions are the essential way to enhance the basic functionality of your app. This article covers the most recent and useful Github packages for Laravel developers in 2022.

  1. Laravel Roadmap Learning Path
    This is the most valuable educational collection of articles, videos, and useful links for every Laravel developer, from beginner to intermediate level. It covers all important topics on Laravel learning curve.
    To complement the previous link, you should also check this one, on Laravel best practices:
  2. Laravel Debug Bar
    This package offers a convenient way to inspect and analyze Laravel performance, track queries, models, and views. This Debug bar is a must have for every Laravel developer. Should be used only in the development enviroment.
  3. Laravel MediaLibrary by Spatie
    The package offers a smart way of associating files with Laravel Eloquent models, providing a simple API. You can also order the VIP version, which has Blade, Vue, and React components.
  4. Laravel Permission by Spatie
    The most popular of all Spatie open-source packages for Laravel. Allows easy management of User permissions and Roles.
  5. Cviebrock Slugs for Eloquent Models
    This package offers easy creation of slugs (beautiful urls) for all your CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) Models and more.
  6. Laravel Backup package
    This package is also my by Spatie and should be used in every Laravel application. Creates backups of files and database.
  7. Laravel Breadcrumbs
    If you’re searching for an easy way of creating and managing breadcrumbs, this package is for you.
  8. Laravel MetaTags
    This flexible package takes care your Laravel SEO and utilizes best practices to make search engines love your website even more. Supports Open Grap and Twitter cards.
  9. Recursive relationships
    This extension allows to build up recursive trees and Eloquent Models based on different types of relationships (belongsToMany, HasMany, etc.)
  10. Socialite
    This package helps to deal with pain of social authorization across different platforms. Developed and supported by Laravel creators, including Taylor Otwell

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