How to change VS Code Intellisense keyboard shortcut in MacOS

If you ever wondered how to use your VSCode Intellisense shortcut while having a Control + Space assigned to a Spotlight Search – I have got you covered. First, you want to go to keyboard shortcuts settings in VSCode (Cog icon > Keyboard Shortcuts) or simply pressing Cmd + K + S. In the resulting […]

How to comment the code in VSCode editor

MacOS users The easiest way to add or remove selection comment would be ⌘/, but you can also use these keyboard shortcuts: ⌘K ⌘C Add line comment⌘K ⌘U Remove line comment⌘/ Toggle line comment⇧⌥A Toggle block comment See the full list of keyboard commands for VSCode on MacOS. Windows users Ctrl+K Ctrl+C Add line commentCtrl+K […]