How to make Codepen-like button with animated gradient border

In previous post, we showed how to make gradient border with CSS. This time, we go a little bit further. Let’s take a look at the beautiful button “Start coding” on homepage (you have to be logged out to see it). It also animates beautifully on mouse over: Here you are, beautiful button: See […]

How to use gradients for borders in CSS

The border-image-source property allows you to set a trendy gradient for the element’s border. Try it on Codepen. Remember, this code does not work with the border-radius property because it is not supported with border-image. If you want to have rounded borders, you can try this code: See Codepen

How to add custom CSS rules in Tailwind CSS Typography plugin

Sometimes, it is necessary to add some styling to your Tailwindcss .prose class. You can do that in two ways. The first one is obvious: you add some additional CSS classes. Imagine you need to change your headings and paragraphs text to black color. Then, you suddenly realize that also you have to change your […]