29 Best Laravel Tutorials and Resources for Beginners in 2022

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Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. It has expressive, elegant syntax and takes the pain out of development by easing everyday tasks used in most web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Whether you’re just getting started with Laravel or looking for some advanced topics, this comprehensive tutorial list will wrap up everything you need.

The best Laravel tutorials and courses for beginners in 2022:



Laracasts is one of the best resources to learn Laravel. It offers high-quality video tutorials taught by Jeffrey Way, a well-known PHP developer and teacher. The site has been around since 2013 and provides hundreds of hours of content.

You can find both free and paid courses on Laracasts. If you want to learn Laravel for free, you can sign up for the Laracasts “Laravel From Scratch” series. This series covers everything from installing Laravel to building a real-world application.



FreeCodeCamp is an amazing place to start your learning journey. It offers a wide range of resources for learning web development, including a section on Laravel. The “Laravel Basics” course is a great place to start if you’re new to the framework.

Laravel: Up and Running


If you’re looking for a more comprehensive Laravel course, check out the “Laravel: Up and Running” ebook by Matt Stauffer. This book covers everything from installation to building an e-commerce application.

Laravel News Tutorials


Laravel News has a great collection of tutorials on its website. They cover everything from the basics of Laravel to advanced topics like authentication, testing, and deployments.

Laravel News Podcast


Laravel News offers episodes between 30 and 60 minutes long and features different guests talking about various Laravel-related topics if you prefer learning via podcasts.

The Laravel Podcast


Another great podcast with already five seasons. It covers such topics as upgrading, security, helpers and collections, Laravel Debugbar, mail and notifications, queues, and more.

Laravel Official documentation


The Laravel official documentation is excellent and provides a great reference catalog of the framework. It seems strange, but we would not recommend it for absolute beginners because it requires strong programming knowledge. As we know, it’s not always going that way – the learners tend to study frameworks without knowing PHP core concepts well.

Laravel Daily by Povilas Korop


If you want to learn Laravel daily with short and sweet video courses, we recommend Povilas Korop’s channel. New videos are released every day, but they’re not too long – usually between 15 and 30 minutes. He also writes a decent amount of posts on his Twitter.

Laravel Best Practices


A small repository of things to keep in mind while coding with Laravel.

Laravel from Scratch by TraversyMedia

In this course, you will learn how to install and configure Laravel and create and use controllers, models, views, and routes. You will also learn how to use Laravel’s database query builder and migration system.

Laracon Youtube videos


Laracon is the annual Laravel conference in various locations worldwide (mainly in Europe). The conference features talks from some of the top developers and community leaders. It has a Youtube channel, which provides an opportunity to learn about Laravel and programming in general as if you were a visitor of the conference.

Simple Laravel CRUD by Digital Ocean


CRUD is an acronym for “create, read, update, and delete.” In Laravel, it is often used to build blog-like web applications. Although this Digital Ocean’s guide has been written almost two years ago, it remains a good starting point for the beginner Laravel developer.



Codecourse is another excellent resource for learning Laravel, and it offers both free and paid courses. The paid course, “Laravel: From Beginner to Master”, is taught by Alexey Mezenin. This course covers everything from the basics of Laravel to advanced topics like authentication, testing, and deployment.



This education platform provides an interactive way of learning: you will build the Treehouse course catalog with the “Laravel Basics” 78-minute course. 



Udemy offers a variety of courses on Laravel, from beginner to advanced levels. In these courses, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Laravel, such as routing and requests. You’ll also learn how to create models, views, and controllers. Udemy also offers a course on how to deploy Laravel applications.

Complete Laravel Tutorial by Code with Dary

Another great Youtube video masterclass.

Livecoding with Laravel, Vue, and React by Matt Stauffer


Matt Stauffer is a web developer and entrepreneur specializing in Laravel. He is the founder and CEO of Tighten Co., a web development consultancy and software products company, and the author of several books, including “Laravel: Up & Running”.

Get Started with Laravel (Free course) by Tuts+

Laravel Livewire Screencasts


Laravel Livewire is a library that makes it simple to build modern, reactive, dynamic interfaces using Laravel Blade templates. To gain access to all of the screencasts, you will have to become a sponsor of this package on Github.

Laravel Roadmap


This Github repository offers an extensive list of things to learn in Laravel step-by-step. This is also made by Povilas Korop, a great Laravel content creator.

Laravel Domain-Driven Design ebook


This book by Martin Joo will take you from the basics of the DDD development style in Laravel to advanced techniques for creating an email marketing application.

Laravel Security In Depth


Follow best practices for security and performance in Laravel.

Laravel Shifty videos


A decent amount of videos on how to upgrade and keep your Laravel up-to-date.

The Ultimate Guide to Building APIs and Single-Page Applications ebook


The API and SPA are the advanced concepts of any programming language. Be sure to learn the basic concepts of PHP and Laravel before starting with this book.

Laravel 9 tutorials


A helpful website about Laravel and other programming stuff

Skillshare Laravel courses


At the moment, this education provider offers 27 Laravel courses on different subjects with unlimited access for only $14 per month.

Laravel Package Development by Marcel Pociot


Advanced level. This course is all about building Laravel packages. If you want to learn how to create reusable components and share them with the community, this is the place to start.

In Depth Laravel by Sarthak


This $49 course will take you from the very beginning to the complex Laravel projects, including Laravel API, payment gateways, Jetstream, and Nuxt.

Laravel Eco-System


Learn about most popular Laravel extensions for rapid and secure development:

  • Laravel Breeze, an authentication kit
  • Laravel Cashier Stripe, an interface to a payment provider
  • Laravel Nova, an easy way to start with admin panel
  • Laravel Spark, a subscription and billing portal
  • Laravel Forge, a deployment kit
  • Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment tool
  • Laravel Socialite, a set of tools to authenticate with OAuth providers

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