How to delete a WordPress theme?

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Deleting a WordPress Theme via the Administrator Panel

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel and click on “Appearance” in the left hand menu.
  2. Select “Themes” from the dropdown list that appears. This will open up a page showing all of your installed themes.
  3. Hover over the theme you wish to delete then click “Delete” at the bottom right corner of its thumbnail image. A confirmation dialogue box will appear; select “Yes, Delete these files” to confirm deletion or cancel if you change your mind about deleting it.

Deleting a WordPress Theme via File Manager

  1. Log into cPanel for your website hosting account (consult with your hosting provider for login details).
  2. Under Files section, find and select File Manager and open it up by clicking on its icon or link name in cPanel main screen. This opens up file manager window which shows all files associated with website hosted under same account as yours.
  3. Find /wp-content/ folder inside /public_html/ folder tree structure located in left sidebar. This is root directory where all content related to a WordPress site including themes are stored.
  4. Inside /wp-content/ folder there is another subfolder named /themes. Open it up as well by double clicking on its name/icon located within /public_html/wp-content/ path shown at top bar
  5. Here you can see folders containing different theme names available with a WordPress installation, simply select one particular theme folder which needs to be deleted and hit delete button located at top menu bar.
  6. In next step confirm deletion action by selecting “Yes” option from a pop-up dialogue
  7. At last, save changes done so far by hitting “Save Changes” button present near top menu bar
  8. Deletion process should now complete successfully, refresh the file manager window again once more to check if selected theme has been successfully removed or not

How to Delete a Child Theme

A child theme inherits styling and functionality from parent theme but gives us flexibility of making customizations without touching original codebase of parent them thus helping us keep our changes intact even when we update parent them later on.

To delete any child them follow same steps mentioned above, i.e. go ahead with loggin into Cpanel, then locate /public_html/, then choose /wp-contents/, then look for /themes/ folder, and identify respective child among other listed themes. Finally hit delete button after confirmation.

I hope that was helpful. Happy blogging!

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